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Air Conditioner Duct Installation:

Where the airstream is particularly cold, we serve as competent Air Conditioner Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) contractors to segregate air ducts against heat dissipation with a fiberglass liner. The compressor system will benefit from the acoustic attenuation properties of such fiberglass materials. The fiberglass is immune to condensation, which is a byproduct of Singapore's high humidity climate.

Fiberglass duct liner is applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of most sheet metal air ducts. With this style of air duct setup, we've done several household, business, and retail projects. The usage of air duct-based air conditioner systems is becoming more common in residential construction.

Mechanical Ventilation Duct Installation:

For larger enterprises, businesses, and retail areas, we design Air conditioners Mechanical Ventilation Ductwork. Cooling system Mechanical ventilation systems are commonly found in vehicle lots, restrooms, and building basements. It removes hot, stagnates air and replaces it with fresh, air flowing via the ventilation ducts. Ductwork is sometimes installed in the open air, above or outside the building.

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Installation:

With our Kitchen Exhaust Duct Installation services, we guarantee that your kitchen is clean, odor-free, and safe. Our Winqda team proposes the principle of mechanical exhaust systems in kitchens to eliminate odors and dampness. This method aids in the removal of oil and fumes from the kitchen.

When we build your ducting system, we review the design in order to manage factors like rate of flow, fan speed, exhaust outlet size, and constant noise level. If fan ductwork passes through an unheated area, the ductwork will be insulated to avoid moisture. Direct fans are utilized in a variety of applications to save the cost of maintenance.