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The function of the AC Blower?

The AC blower motor's task is to spin the blade, which enables air to circulate through the Air conditioning system. This, among many other things, causes air to circulate over the evaporator, allowing heat to be captured by the coolant and sent outside the home. It also circulates air through the ducting, supplying sufficient cold air to all of the rooms. As a result, the blower is a critical component of any air conditioning system. If your blower fails, your air conditioning system will also fail.

Do you Need to Replace the Blower Motor on Your Air Conditioner?

If you detect an issue with your air conditioner's blower motor, contact our professionals as quickly as possible to get it tested and, if required, it also gets repaired. Winqda delivers services across Singapore and ensures that Maintenance Agreement clients will receive prompt help in the event of an emergency.

Motor Repair Services:

Our AC Motor Repair services are performed in strict conformity with industry standards. Our repairing services frequently enhance the equipment's condition beyond its initial state. Prior to fixing the AC motor, we make sure to record, test, and check it. We wound all of the coils using automated machinery for consistency and accuracy, ensuring dependable and result-oriented labor.

In addition, Winqda also provides shaft and bearings repair services. Contact our professional team in order to receive the best repair services in Singapore.