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Cooling Tower Repairs & Services

Any residential or commercial air conditioning system relies on the functioning of cooling towers and water coolers. Cooling towers and chillers that are treated properly retain ambient temperatures lower than units that are not. As a consequence, the facility is more fuel-efficient, has reduced utility bills, and is more pleasant.

Here are the fundamentals - five measures that we deploy to maintain industrial

cooling towers and chillers in good working order:

1. Getting Rid of Scale Deposits:

As your coolant works via evaporation, you'll observe scale deposits on your fill on a regular basis. Minerals in the water might cause these layers, particularly if your water treatment system is malfunctioning. Limescale development can reduce your HVAC system's productivity and effectiveness, as well as cause premature damage.

2. Making certain that there Is Enough Airflow:

Poor aeration is a typical source of warm air, poor fan efficacy, and even system failure. Loose parts, incorrect fan alignment, and an absence of gearbox upkeep can all create airflow disruptions. Airflow might be reduced if your fan blades are damaged. We check for dirt in the towers or the fill in your unit. Sludge accumulation on the basin floor of your cooling tower may be obstructing airflow. To remove these impurities, we deploy a tower suction. Following this, we add a disinfectant to your cooling tower which will help prevent microbial and fungus formation.

3. Maintaining Your Tubes Clean:

Pollutants such as muck, filth, fungus, and grime can accumulate inside your chiller tubing, causing a partial or complete clog. Unit faults and inefficiencies can be caused by blocked tubes. The frequency with which you clean your tubes is determined by the quality of your liquid and the rate of accumulation. It is inherent in the process that every component will experience some form of accumulation. We consistently eliminate sediments from your chiller tubing which helps to avoid total clogs and makes debris disposal easier. We provide professional assistance to properly clean your tubes and increase performance.

4. Examining the Water Pump:

A water pump is used in most cooling towers to transport warmer water to the chiller for refrigeration. Efficiency in the compression cycle can improve the effectiveness of your air conditioner while also saving you money on your monthly energy expenses. A very well-preserved pump doesn't have to try extra hard to transport water back and forth, making it much easier to use and extending the life of your device. We examine your pump to determine whether it is turned on and off when it should have been. Once your cooler starts up, your pumps will start up as well. We lubricate the bearings in your pump and motor, as well as the water barrier. We also check our alignment on a regular basis as well.

5. Treating the water:

It's not only about keeping your HVAC system parts in good shape when it comes to the cooling tower and chiller maintenance; we also consider the quality of your water. Water quality issues can cause a lot of filth and scale to accumulate, which can cause your systems to fail down. We invest in good water purification to maintain your system safe and running at its best. Winqda is an expert in assessing and repairing cooling tower and chiller issues.