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Axial Fan & Exhaust Fan

Winqda specializes in the installation, maintenance, and service of all forms of business exhaust fans and axial fans. We perform,

1. Examining and adjusting the fan belts:

Fan shafts don't last eternally, so we check for symptoms of degradation and change any broken or brittle belts on a regular basis.

2. Examining your electric cables and circuitry:

We make sure the electrical wiring has enough slack to enable the fan blade to be bent back to the available spot if necessary. We then look for evidence of degradation or shredding in the wiring and cables. We verify that the cords are free of kinks and that any power lines are stable. Hot objects, grease, or solvents will not be allowed to come into contact with electrical wires and wiring.

3. Double-check the balancing of the fan blades:

Excess oscillation can be caused by poorly balanced professional kitchen exhaust fan blades. When this occurs, the entire rooftop unit could shake, causing screws, nuts, and other components to dislodge.

This decreases the fan's performance and jeopardizes the fan's rooftop secure attachment. We inspect your fan for excessive oscillations on a regular basis. We check for and eliminate any accumulation. Even a small amount of oil in the incorrect spot can throw the system off and cause issues. We also inspect the fan on a regular basis for any deterioration to the blade's arrangement, which might lead to an imbalance.


Preventative maintenance does not have to be time-consuming. We help to maintain your system at stellar performance in just a few moments and with minimal effort. By avoiding last-minute crises, you'll have comfort and save time & expense. Preventive maintenance has the primary benefit of increasing the life of the device and its parts. Our routine inspections will prevent you from getting costly part replacements and prevent your exhaust fan from overheating.

Your extractor will become more energy efficient if we maintain it properly. You will save money on running costs as a result of this. In fact, regular maintenance of rooftop ventilators has been proven to save as much as 11 percent on energy costs.

We also provide Commercial Exhaust Fan Preventive Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep the fan rollers, fan barrel, and motor well greased to maintain your professional kitchen exhaust fan in good working order.
  • The friction between the fan shaft and the bearing enclosures can generate a lot of heat, which can lead to a fire. The fan inlet or blades might be so badly damaged by this type of attrition that the only option is to rebuild the complete machine.
  • Ensure that the motors, fan and suspension bearings, valve stems, and fan and dampers connections are all lubricated. The components', as well as the fan's life, will be substantially extended as a result of this