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Team Contractors for Air Conditioning:

With true regard for the consequences, our team sets up Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems (ACMV). To offer optimum air circulation to our customers' buildings, we promise that we will only utilize premium grades ACMV systems such as coolers and pipework, chillers, air-handling units, ventilators, and Building Management Systems (BMS).

Air Handling Units:

Winqda air handling unit services include filtration, warming and/or cooling, dehumidification, and/or humidification of the air. An air handling unit (AHU) is a component of air conditioning systems that deals with the air that is pumped into buildings via ventilation ducts. This implies that the airflow will be passed into the house after being treated for thermo-hygrometry and indoor air quality.


Lack of scheduled maintenance program, especially for the Air Handling Unit (AHU), ducting, and ventilation systems, can influence the productivity and dependability of your Air Handling Process. Management of the air handling process and ducting on a regular basis is the most efficient method to save energy, avoid malfunctions, and extend the equipment's life.

What did We Do?

Our AHU diagnostic checklist walks you through one of the most frequent AHU malfunctions and ventilation concerns if you're experiencing trouble with your air handling process. To avoid a system failure, Power Cooling Systems recommends that expert maintenance checks of your air handling system be performed at least once every six months.

We also provide efficient energy implementation, upkeep, and repairs to your air handling device by enhancing the air quality through outside air and filters. Our solutions enable company owners to reduce customer disturbances while also increasing facility performance.