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Aircon Uv Light Disinfection Services:

In the field of ultraviolet air sterilization, Winqda has many years of experience. This includes UVC radiation being used to destroy microscopic creatures that are circulating around in a room's air. This is vastly more effective than the unsuccessful traditional methods for sanitizing the air. UVC air disinfection will significantly reduce the number of airborne microorganisms in a room. UVC air disinfection is accomplished by forcing air into the irradiated zone of UV disinfection equipment via natural convection. As a consequence, the risk of airborne infection, which is a contributing factor in many diseases, is greatly decreased.

Circulation decontamination devices with incorporated UVC lights are an alternate technique. For example, this is an option for HVAC systems. The benefit is that UV radiation is protected, which is a crucial health & security factor for any application involving ultraviolet radiation. As a result, the HVAC UV air disinfection equipment we produce is appropriate for people working in the HVAC and air conditioning sectors. The needed irradiation and airflow are calculated based on the room size as well as the number and type(s) of microorganisms present. With years of expertise, Winqda can compute the values of these factors.

We can assist you in delivering the optimal solutions you seek with our knowledge and expertise in the field of UV light disinfection services.