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Cleanroom IAQ

A qualified DOSH Indoor Air Quality Assessor (IAQ) capable of providing indoor air quality evaluation and consultation services is part of our experienced team of specialists. Aside from that, our knowledge of current innovation and policymaker recommendations helps clients optimize airflow and air quality in their buildings.

Analysis of the Environment and Air Quality:

With the goal of enhancing a building's air quality, we provide professional guidance and evaluation of the fundamental causes that occur, filtration, and the use of ventilation to dilute toxins.

We provide a variety of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions, such as:

  • DOSH (Department of Safety and Health) regulations.
  • Analysis of Ventilation.
  • Controlling bacterial and mold development.
  • Improving the indoor environment (IEQ).

Winqda also offers CO2 mitigation, ventilation, air filtration, and power conversion ventilation services.

Air Balancing:

Evaluating and modifying your HVAC parameters to provide more uniform airflow throughout your house is part of our air balancing HVAC system procedure. Your system will be calibrated correctly at the time of installation, but it's conceivable that the calibration was overlooked or that it has drifted over time.

Many old structures have undergone changes from their initial design, such as renovations, residential development, or a change in use. Our team of experienced consultants and technical analysts has developed a solution that allows our clients to inspect, evaluate, identify, and then handle ecological consequences based on observable testing, outcomes, and a thorough report with suggestions. This air testing and balancing service not only gives a sense of security and reassurance, but it also firmly displays sufficient due attention in safeguarding inhabitants and staff.

Winqda's Air Balancing Services Procedure

Our qualified Air Balance HVAC specialists will begin by comparing the potential output of your HVAC system to your home's heating and cooling requirements.

The present circulation and air pressure in each chamber will then be evaluated to verify if and where these requirements are being met.

Other measures will be taken to determine the best strategies for fully optimizing your house for improved air balance, depending on the source and intensity of airflow concerns.

Your HVAC system and house ventilation will be adjusted as a result.

Additional upkeep can be conducted and recommended as required. This is because your airflow problems are most likely caused by other problems like leaks, damage, accumulation, or aged equipment.

HVAC Measurement and Verification

As we all know, the HVAC TAB (Testing and Balancing) sector in Singapore and across the world is increasingly demanding, Building owners, both residential and business (rental units), are obligated to ensure the air quality and safety of the air circulating within their structures.

When HVAC systems are first installed in a building, they will not perform according to design standards. Testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) of control devices are required to bring the system up to design standards.

Satisfying tenant comfort needs, meeting HVAC design criteria, prolonging maintenance intervals, enhancing energy preservation, and assuring efficient processes are all aims of the TAB approach of Winqda.