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Aircon Services and Mechanical Ventilation System Services

We take every call from our Customer Very seriously, to ensure value for every cent spent by our customer and to guarantee that the aircon unit runs at its best. Air conditioners are used in most Singapore homes and companies to offer a much more pleasant atmosphere. Despite various illusions about regular Aircon service that you may have heard, Aircon owners sometimes neglect the reality that their air conditioners still require regular Aircon maintenance in order to perform correctly. Although you may be tempted to perform your own air conditioning maintenance, it is preferable to deal with a renowned and trusted air conditioning servicing business such as Winqda Aircon Servicing Singapore to ensure optimal quality of service.

Aircon Maintenance

The majority of house owners assume that air conditioning equipment could endure a long period and hence neglect to maintain them for years. Regular air conditioning maintenance has a number of advantages, including prolonging the life of your air conditioner, lowering power expenditures, and averting unexpected malfunctions. This is why it's crucial to get your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis.

Increased productivity

The loss in performance rises if your air conditioner is not maintained properly. You will be able to detect any faults in the air conditioning machine with frequent service.

Utility bills remain lower

In general, gadgets that are in excellent working order will perform better. Lack of maintenance of air conditioners utilizes more energy to convert warm air to cold air, but well-maintained air conditioners do not. This is one of the methods that regular air conditioner maintenance will help you save money.

Fresh Air

Residential air remains cleaner when it is serviced on a regular basis. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when hiring an air conditioning repair firm, such as conducting research and asking about the Company's Expertise. With cleaner air in the room, the chances of sickness in the residence will be significantly reduced.

You will be able to take full advantage listed above if you get your air conditioner serviced on a constant schedule. However, It is also crucial to understand how often your tenant's air conditioner needs to be serviced.

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Winqda has extensive expertise in the maintenance of ventilation systems for a variety of industries, including commercial construction, industrial facilities, public universities, and retail outlets. We recognize that poor indoor air quality contributes to a variety of health concerns at various work and leisure locations; thus, the safety of employees and visitors will be prioritized.

With a very well ventilation system, the following can be avoided:

  • Spread of bacteria in the air, that leads to diseases and illness.
  • Inhaling combustion gases produced by furnaces and other gas equipment poses health concerns that will be avoided.
  • Poor air quality may induce respiratory inconvenience,in some individuals, which can be eliminated.
  • In constructions with higher humidity levels, insufficient air ventilation may contribute to structural damage.

Sections We Work In:

Asset Portfolios in the Public Sector

We maintain and install HVAC, electronics, and gas systems for the public sector, including government and local government land portfolios, as well as clinics, colleges, institutions, and organizations.

Management Offices & Industrial Buildings:

Commercial buildings and managed offices around the country benefit from our HVAC, electrical, and gas repair and installation services. Our products and services are known for their effectiveness, reliability, and adaptability.

Resort and Recreational Services

Over the decades, our expertise in offering HVAC, electrical, and compliance management solutions to the hotel and leisure industries have led to the development of some specific requirements.

Building Safety and Preservation in the Industrial Sector:

Winqda provides construction and repair services to clients in the industrial sector across the country. For massive warming, refrigeration, and structural framing upkeep, rely on our contract management group.

Winqda Contracts For Planned & Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) PM contracts team creates custom packages to fit the requirements of the clients. As part of a comprehensive HVAC maintenance program, we incorporate mechanical ventilation maintenance.

Under-serviced systems will work harder overtime to supply the same flow of air, consuming more energy and increasing the risk of failure. We aim to ensure that your ventilation equipment reaches its maximum capacity and longevity, avoiding unwanted emergencies and saving you more on energy expenditures. Fresh air ventilation systems are necessary for proper air circulation.