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Pump Services

  • Pumping systems, valves, control mechanisms, and services with cutting-edge technologies have served clients in the construction, plumbing and sanitation, conditioning systems, general sectors of pumping applications, and more.
  • In each discipline, we have such a capable team of expert professional engineers, specialists, and linesmen.
  • We have extensive experience in overhauling pumps and systems, including dismantling, testing, and recombining them.
  • We've worked with centrifugal pumps, chilled water pumping systems, condenser pumping systems, and sump pumps previously.
  • We are specialized in custom-made electronically controlled panels and reinstallation services.
  • We have vast experience in water pumping services and system electric repair.
  • We provide laser kit alignment results for pump synchronization.
  • At our workshop, we also perform pump shaft reconditioning.
  • For the residential and commercial sectors, we are a one-stop shop for submersible pumps, valve tracking, management systems, water purification, and maintenance services.
  • We provide comprehensive pumping services that are tailored to our clients' needs.
  • Both on-site and in our workshops, we provide a full excellent pumping repair service and overhaul.
  • We are one of Singapore's leading pump installation and pump repair companies.
  • We make certain that our pumping activities are in top shape.
  • We provide excellent pump diagnostic and repair services with our years of expertise in the pumping services and system business.