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Aircon Services

We take every call from our Customer, Very seriously to ensure value for every cent spent by our customer and to guarantee that the aircon unit runs at its best.

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Electrical installation

Winqda offers a wide range of maintenance and installation services. Our staff will work with you one-on-one...

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Cleanroom IAQ

A qualified DOSH Indoor Air Quality Assessor (IAQ) capable of providing indoor air quality evaluation and consultation services...

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Term contractors for ACMV

With true regard for the consequences, our team sets up Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems (ACMV).

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Installation of ACMV Duct

we serve as competent Air Conditioner Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) contractors to segregate ...

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Blower Repair Services

The AC blower motor's task is to spin the blade, which enables air to circulate through the Air conditioning system. This, among many other things, causes air to circulate

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Exhaust Fans

Winqda specializes in the installation, maintenance, and service of all forms of business exhaust fans and axial fans.

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Kitchen hood installation

Winqda has a wealth of experience and has earned a good reputation for supplying fire-safe kitchen exhausts to clients...

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Cooling tower repairs

Any residential or commercial air conditioning system relies on the functioning of cooling towers.

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Pumping services

We have extensive experience in overhauling pumps and systems, including dismantling, testing, and recombining them.

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UV light services

This includes UVC radiation being used to destroy microscopic creatures that are circulating around in a room's air.

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